Griffin Athletic Fields

Griffin Athletic Fields TrailWe checked out the Griffin Athletic Fields and trail on Steamboat. Imagine playing baseball, soccer or football in a clearing in the woods. That’s what it felt like. I had the “build it and they will come” feeling.

There are three fields and a small playground with playground equipment. The fields have a large paved lot and there is a portable toilet. Dogs are permitted on a leash and dog parents need to pick up after their dogs. There are several signs reminding people that dog access is a privilege, not a right. So please, keep your dogs leashed and pick up after them.

There’s a trail through the woods that is quite beautiful and we enjoyed a quick hike. We will go back and try to cover more ground next time. If it weren’t for the sound of traffic you would forget where you were.

Griffin Athletic Fields TrailLocation: 6924 41st Avenue NW, Olympia

Hours: Most Thurston County Parks are open 9 am to dusk

Go outside and play!


Today’s weather: Warm-ish but a little rain, nothing terrible. Even pulled out my sunglasses for the midday dog walk!

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