Are you all lost in the supermarket?

Do your grocery shopping in 10 minutes

Looking for ways to save your time and/or your sanity? If you are one of those people who like to get the max out of the min, you should try grocery pickup at Walmart if you haven’t already. There are several places that offer grocery store delivery but there are some advantages to grocery pickup. The biggest one is that it’s free with a minimum $30 order, a pretty low bar for groceries. You can schedule it when you need it–no monthly commitments. It’s easy, especially if you tend to buy the same things.

Grocery pickup is currently available at the Walmart in Lacey. You need to select and schedule your order at least the day before. There will be limited availability if you try to schedule the same day.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to
  • Enter your zip code to confirm delivery in your area (it will show you the Lacey Walmart as the option)
  • Set up an account or login if you have one. (Once you have an account, it will default to your pickup location and the “Reserve a time” option will appear at the top.
  • Select your pickup window. You have about 90 minutes from the time you select your slot to place your order.
  • Forget something after placing your order? Depending on how far in advance you place your order, you can also add to or edit your order after you place it. You will get a message when you place your order, something like, “you can edit your order any time before 10 pm tonight.”
  • Add items to your cart. This usually takes me about 10 minutes now that I have done it a few times. The interface is easy to use and you can browse through categories. Just like walking up and down the aisles. But from your couch with your feet up.
  • If you are ordering produce and aren’t super good about remembering how many pounds you order of something, it’s probably a good idea to estimate low. Once I ended up with a rather large bag of summer squash. Oopsie.
  • Review your order. You will be asked which items you will accept substitutions for. If you are very particular, select no substitutes. If you are more go with the flow, try it out. You can refuse substitutions at pickup time. If you accept a substitution that is higher in price than the item you initially selected, you pay the lower price.
  • You will get a call when your order is ready. Many times, we have received the call 15-30 minutes before the pickup window we selected.
  • Drive to the store and go to the pickup area. (Designated parking spots, usually on the side or back of the store – the Lacey store pickup area is on the left-hand side.) Call the number to let them know that you are there. Sometimes, they will ask you to call when you are 10 minutes away but honestly, I don’t mind waiting a few minutes if needed. Your groceries are kept in a cold area so they need time to pull them out for you.
  • Staff will bring your groceries out to your car and load them up. Don’t forget your reusable bags! You can also use bins if you have them.
  • And you are off! Shopping is done!

We have done Walmart grocery store pick up in three states and have been impressed with the service. Sometimes, staff picking the groceries have a hard time finding very unusual items but this has always worked out in our favor.

Pro tip: need printer paper, glue, zip ties, needles or cosmetics? There is a wide range of things you can pick up along with groceries.

Happy shopping!


Today’s weather: Not gonna lie, today’s weather is what gives the PNW a bad rap. Rainy, gloomy, overcast and depressing. 45° at about 4:30 p.m. <sigh> Make it stop.

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