Burn Baby Burn

So. Much. Yard. Debris. I have seen several of my neighbors with fires and wondered: Is a permit needed to burn yard waste? The answer is yes if you live in unincorporated areas of Thurston County AND you have a permit.

Meet ORCAA. ORCAA is The Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) is a local government agency charged with regulatory and enforcement authority for air quality issues in Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Mason, Pacific, and Thurston counties. You can fill out the permit online. Permits are free and are valid October 1 through July 14. A new permit must be obtained each year after Oct. 1. There’s a no-burn rule in effect July 15 through September 30.

ORCAA does encourage residents to find other ways to dispose of yard waste including the following ideas from their website:


  • Curb-side pickup service for yard waste material exists throughout most of Thurston County. Contact Thurston County Solid Waste.
  • Composting turns your yard waste into a great soil additive, at NO COST.
  • Chipping woody materials create an effective ground cover that blocks weed growth and improves drainage.
  • Dropping off yard waste at composting facilities and transfer stations is easy and cost-effective.


I am not a big fan of burning everything–I just feel like a pollution creator when I do. So, I look for alternatives when I can. I have been using curbside pickup (which actually means something a little different where I live, it means dragging my bin a quarter mile to the end of my street). But still, it is pretty convenient in the grand scheme of things. I get a pretty large bin and it’s picked up every two weeks.

This year, I am going to do more composting. I have a big yard and while the barrel helps, it’s not really enough. I already compost all of my kitchen waste and grass clippings. It’s time to add leaves, small branches and the millions of Douglas Fir pinecones to the mix.

In the recent windstorm, a couple of large branches came down so we are going to drop off a load at the Waste and Recovery Center–they also do composting in addition to recycling. One stop reduce, reuse and recycling!

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