Just Start

Every time that I start a project, I doubt myself. I look at projects that I have finished and try to deconstruct them. How did I do it? How did it all fit together? I ask myself these questions as if I had not been in the room during the making. It’s sometimes tempting to copy my past work. I can see it turned out well, it seems safer to repeat myself.

I never do this, but I think about it every single time I sit down to make something new.

It doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes as I approach the finish line, I hate the project. Sometimes I put it away for a while. Sometimes a long while.

But a funny thing happens when I pull it out. It’s not so bad, I think. Sometimes I think, “This is damn good.” And yes, I even think about copying work that I once soundly rejected.

Seeing this pattern, I now know to watch for it. I say to my doubting self, “Trust the process” and “Be okay with failing.”

I try to laugh at the temptation to reverse engineer my own work.

And then I say: “Just start.”

Start a conversation

I have always loved conversation hearts. Something about conversation and flirting with candy. Darn near irresistible. Sadly, I can’t eat them because they contain gelatin. So, a couple of years ago I decided to make conversation hearts out of fabric but with a nerdy engineering twist. I searched the interwebs for a how-to and found this tutorial by the lovely Jessica Peck: Valentine Candy Heart Pillows Tutorial.

I use a blind hem stitch and invisible thread to sew on the letters. You can get two pillows from 1/2 yard of fleece. So much fun from so little fabric.

Conversation Heart Pillows

I am adding to the collection this Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned!