Stay on Target

Stay on Target

Even chain stores have a little local flavor. And let’s face it, sometimes you need food, socks, lip balm and kitty litter. Target has all of this and more. The food section of the Olympia Target is legit. Not a lot of produce, but the basics. Sadly, there is no Sprouts or Whole Foods here, so if you are looking for vegetarian/vegan options, you have to get creative. Target carries a decent selection of Amy’s, Gardein, Silk, Ripple and Annie’s. This the place to get the almond and coconut versions of Natural Bliss creamer (addicted).

The Olympia Target store has it’s customer service desk in lane one of the registers rather than along the perimeter. Everyone seems super nice. During my last trip, two associates helped me and another stopped to ask how I was. The Olympia store is also home to the Sticker Lady cashier. We go through her line whenever she’s working for the pick-me-up.

Looking for Seahawks gear? You can find also find that here. Target offers seasonal merchandise in addition to year-round offerings: back to school, outdoor living/furniture and holiday decorations.

Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, and unincorporated Thurston County have a plastic bag ordinance so stores carry paper bags and you have to pay for bags. This encourages people to bring their own bags, of course, and no one seems to care if you use your Trader Joe’s bags at Target. (There is a Trader Joe’s in Olympia! More on that in a later post.)

The Olympia store has a CVS Pharmacy and a Starbucks and you can recycle plastic bags at Target. Speaking of plastic bags, you can pick up a free umbrella bag when it’s raining to contain your wet umbrella while you shop. Be sure to reuse and then recycle it! 

There is another Target in nearby Lacey.