In the studio: September 2020

I have a ton of beading supplies that have been sitting in a tub for longer than I care to admit. After buying a beaded necklace that I love from the Candy Dance festival in Genoa (yes, that’s a real event and sadly, canceled this year, like so many events), I wanted to make more. I bought the supplies for about 20 necklaces, eventually learned the basics from a friend, made my first necklace, and stopped there. (Insert forehead slap here.)  I’m not proud of this, my friends. It’s a terrible display of lack of grit. Time went by, and I just psyched myself out. I found it impossible to get started.  A couple of months ago, I took an online jewelry class and that planted the seed to try again.

So, I decided to make a beaded hanger for a quilt, this tree quilt that I finished back in January

It turned out so great! I can’t believe I made it! This small success has unleashed my inner beader, and I have completed two quilt hangers and two necklaces this month! Beading is incredibly relaxing, and I use a KLACK serving tray (IKEA) and a flocked bead design board from Michaels to bead in bed. It’s become a regular part of my nighttime routine. 

If you would like to give beading a trying, head over to YouTube University and start your beading adventure today. 

Some tools that I am glad I bought:

  • Wire
  • A basic jewelry making toolset
  • Jump rings in different sizes 
  • Clasps
  • An interesting selection of beads, small and large
  • Sorting trays (but if I need more, I’m going to check out these from Harbor Freight)

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  1. Jean Dixon says:

    Love the beadwork! Ahhhh, rain 🙂 Happy Weekend!

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