King Solomon’s Reef

We went to King Solomon’s Reef diner with an out-of-town guest and they had something for everyone including the vegetarians who lean toward the vegan end of the spectrum. It’s a quirky place but the service was friendly and we felt right at home. (Some readers of this blog might like to point out that I am also a little quirky. Guilty as charged; I am a vernacular girl.)

I had the “Chicken-Fried” Tofu Burger. They pretty much had me at tofu. I am one of those apparently rare individuals who really like tofu and I am always up for a new take on my long-time love. My better half had the Buffalo Tempeh and our guest had the Monte Carlo. We all had pie for dessert. If you are a vegetarian, desserts can be few and far between. But King Solomon’s has vegan pie, people! More than one! Choices!

Fun fact: While we were ordering we learned that our octogenarian guest had never had tater tots, one of the sides offered with his sandwich. How do you describe a tater tot to someone who has never had one? Tasty fried nuggets of potato deliciousness?

I did a little research and learned that Tater Tots is a registered trademark of Ore-Ida. Ore-Ida’s founders created Tater Tots in 1953 as a way to use up all the extra pieces of potato. According to Wikipedia, Americans eat 70 million pounds of potato gems per year.

Please, for the love of diner food, please don’t wait until you are in your 80s to try tots. You may not like them, but they might be your new favorite side dish.

Located in downtown Olympia at 212 4th Avenue E, Olympia, WA 98501, (360) 742-3199
King Solomon’s Reef is open every day, 8am-3am; always a good idea to call ahead on holidays.


PS Check out the Olympia Downtown Associations guide to shopping and dining.

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Today’s weather: A little colder today, highs in the 30s the couple times that I checked. Drizzly rain on all three dog walks. The Evergreen State is also the Evergloom State sometimes. Just keepin’ it real.

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