Rainy Crafternoons

What do you when it’s raining, raining, raining? I think you buy a good raincoat and you just get used to it. I have three levels of rain: barely raining/mostly wet, raining steadily, and raining cats and dogs. I have become okay with level one. I just go about my business undeterred. I do find myself watching my weather app for breaks in the rain and planning accordingly for levels one and two. But for level three, I just stay inside. Rainy days are great days for reading, games and CRAFTS.

For an affordable afternoon of crafting–crafternoon!–head to Pinterest for ideas. You can find a lot of amazing projects that you can do with Dollar Tree finds. There are a couple of Dollar Trees in the area: on the west side near Target and Wally’s, in Tumwater near Costco/Walmart/Home Depot and in Lacey near Fred Meyers and across the street from Target.

  • 2104 Harrison Ave NW A18, Olympia WA, 98502, 360-534-0210
  • 606 Sleater Kinney Rd. SE, Lacey WA, 98503, 360-456-2878
  • 5203 Capitol Blvd SE, Tumwater, WA 98501, 360-628-8522
  • Store Hours: 9 am – 9 pm, every day (it’s always a good idea to call ahead)

On a recent trip, I purchased a heart-shaped wire wreath form. I want to make a Valentine’s Day themed ornament wreath and this is a perfect size–and perfect shape, of course.

Remember to check out Pinterest for some great Dollar Tree hacks. Happy crafting!


Today’s weather: It rained early in the morning and then cleared up. At about 2 p.m. the rain started up again. The afternoon dog walk was a little bit too wet. But–not cold.

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