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So much fabric, so little time

I think I made my first quilt on a whim, many moons ago. I was somehow roped into teaching a quilt-in-a-day class to fill in for an ailing instructor. I was an experienced sewist but not a quilter at that point. I guess it never occurred to me to say no! So I learned to make a pieced quilt (the quilting knowledge came much later). I have probably made at least 20 quilts since then. Most of them are my own design but I decided to make seasonal quilts and I got this Pixel Heart in a Pixel Heart design by Daydreams of Quilts on Craftsy.

I liked the computer design aspect of the pixel heart. I push pixels around all day, after all. I wanted to have a scrappy look so I went through my stash. I actually had quite a few blues and reds after stocking up for another quilt project. (I used blues instead of blacks for the inner heart – the symbolism felt better for me.) This was a great pattern: good directions and easy-to-follow with a full-color grid that I referred to often during the piecing stage!

But I needed the whites and beiges for the background. So I went to Joann fabrics to see what I could find. I found some great white on white and white on beige fabrics, along with a black on white arrow fabrics that look like Cupid’s weapon of choice. Sing along with me and Sam Cooke.

I also needed to replace my spray adhesive. I bought the Spray n Bond basting adhesive. It was virtually odorless, easy to use and I had no issues with overspray like I have in the past. This is one of the best things to happen to quilting, IMO. You can attach the pieced top, batting and backing with easy to use spray glue. It’s temporary and washes out. I remember all of the safety pins I used to sandwich and hold quilt layers in the past. Once you have been stuck by 100 safety pins, spray adhesive seems like a wild dream come true. I also needed some batting. I use Warm and Natural batting because I like how it shrinks into a soft old fashioned looking quilt after quilting and washing.

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