When I am feeling low …

Just whisper, “Let’s go to the garden center.”

I confess, any garden center, any time of year is a pick me up. Even January in Olympia. We went to Lowe’s to pick up some clearcoat for the new Little Free Library. So, OF COURSE, I went to the garden center even though it looked abandoned from the parking lot.

I was not disappointed.

True, not much in the way of plants outside but I picked up a couple of clematis for an arbor out front. I need something that the deer might ignore. Last year’s effort barely got off the ground. ūüôĀ I was also pleasantly surprised by the air plant selection. They had quite a few types and different containers. Air plants are often misunderstood plants. Air plants or¬†Tillandsias are actually a hugely varied genus from the¬†Bromeliaceae¬†family (yep, related to pineapples) with well over 500 species. Some are¬†epiphytes,¬†meaning they attach themselves to other plants. Some are¬†aerophytes,¬†with no roots. While air plants¬†don’t need soil, they do need water. I soak my air plants in warmish water every 1-2 weeks and then let dry upside down. Tillandsias are not parasitic in that they don’t feed off the host plant, instead, they rely on other plants for structure and support. This opens up air plant¬†display to all kinds of things. I purchased a 3-D metal ampersand with three air plants¬†tucked in it plus an extra little guy for good luck.

Also in the houseplants, I picked up a very nice looking peace lily (Spathiphyllum). Peace lilies¬†are easy plants to grow as long as you lay off the water. Seriously. Overwatering will kill these plants. They are actually drought tolerant and some people wait until they start to droop as a signal to water them. (Apparently this doesn’t have adverse effects and it’s preferable to overwatering.) As with most plants, if the soil seems damp, don’t water regardless of your watering schedule.

I also picked up a¬†hellebore, commonly known as a Lenten rose. I recently became acquainted with this plant perusing my garden magazines because it blooms in winter. IT BLOOMS IN WINTER. It’s a pretty gray time to be a gardener so we need any pick-me-up we can get. In Olympia, that means Kale and hellebores!

Lowe’s is located at 230 Martin Way East, Olympia, WA 98516. Phone: (360) 486-0856

Hours: 6 am – 9 pm, Monday-Saturday and 8 am¬†– 8 pm on Sunday. (It’s always a good idea to call around¬†holidays to confirm hours.)

So, when you are feeling low, head to Lowe’s and hang out with the plants for a while. See you at the Garden Center!


Today’s weather: It was another “build the ark” day. May have seen a little blue in the sky–maybe. About 47 degrees at 5 pm.

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